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    Hindi New Movie 2018 - Love Story Hindi Film

    Taking the leap out of the classic folklore, the story is set in today's time in Kashmir where Laila Majnu have problems relevant to the youth of today. While dealing with their feuding families a passionate love story unravels.


     Sajid Ali


     Imtiaz AliSajid Ali
    Taking the leap out of classic folklore, the story is set in today's time in Kashmir where Laila Majnu have problems relevant to the youth of today. While dealing with their feuding families a passionate love story unravels.[10] Laila, shown as a girl living in her own fantasy world, always dreaming of a 'special' person in her life, had an encounter with Qais (Majnu) on a fateful night when she secretly left her house to pray in a graveyard for meeting her loved one. Qais and his friends find her identity and chase her till Laila finally gives her mobile number to him. The story advances to the romantic intimacy between the leads, against the background of rivalry between their families. News of their romance soon becames the talk of the town, which eventually reaches the family of Laila and her father warns her to stay away from person of such a bad reputation. But Laila is keen to meet Qais, despite being warned by her father and sister of the consequences. They meet one night and plan to disclose their relationship to their respective families, and Qaiz promises that he will do whatever possible to convince Laila's family. But before this can happen, they are caught red-handed by Laila's family, after which her father decides to marry her to Ibban, who is a politically motivated person trying to grasp every opportunity to marry Laila in order to take benefit of her father's repute and position. Laila resists the wedding and waits for Qais to convince her father, and sends his father to convince Laila’s father but due to the long ongoing feud between the family, Laila’s father disrespects and shuns the proposal. To which, father of Qais promises laila’s father that he will ensure that the marriage happens. When Qais gets to know about the date of laila’s Marriage he comes to see laila’s Father to try for the last time. On the day of her wedding, Qais reaches her house and asks Laila in front of her whole family to escape from the wedding with him, but shockingly Laila refuses, saying that she waited for him and is now convinced that people were right about Qais being easy going and playing with others' emotions. Qais leaves heartbroken. Meanwhile, after four years, Qais' father, who is a top politician in Kashmir, dies of cardiac arrest and Qais is shown to be in London. Qais returns to Kashmir for his father's funeral, where he encounters his sister and her husband, who desire the father's property, disturbs him emotionally. One day, Qais along with his friends see Laila in a café and Qais leaves the café in order to avoid her. Laila is now married to Ibban, who is a MLA, a typical corrupt man and a drunkard and lives a disturbed life. News reaches Laila about Qais' presence in town for his father's funeral, and she decides to meet him. With help of Qais' friend, they meet where Qais collapsed after seeing Laila and Laila leaves him, grieving their separation. One day, Ibban learns of Laila's whereabouts and tries to prevent her from leaving the house, where Laila warns him that his public reputation can lead to losing his position. Laila and Qais meet again and she reveals that Ibban is soon going to divorce her and then they can live together, which makes Qais even more anxious. One night, the drunken Ibban has an accident and dies. Laila is now free from his shackles and tells Qais that after Iddat (the period after divorce or death of her husband when a woman remains secluded), they can marry and live happily forever in Kashmir. Qais, who is now shown to lose his personality, is frustrated because of the endless waiting for togetherness, leaves for Pahalgam till the Iddat, where he is seen to completely lose his mind and imagines Laila everywhere and is considered a lunatic by the villagers and beaten up. Laila is informed of Qais' condition and she reaches Pahalgam and discovers that Qais is emotionally disturbed and constantly reciting 'Laila'. She understands that Qais has lost contact with his surroundings. Heartbroken, Laila kills herself and Qais is shown running and chasing Laila until he is hit by her gravestone. The movie ends with their spirits together and happy.