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    Actor in Law (2016)

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    The life of a young lawyer with a flair for dramatics turns upside down when he takes up a case that leaves the country shaken and threatens his career and family.
    Release dateSeptember 13, 2016 (Pakistan)
    Urduایکٹر ان لاء‬
    Did you know"Actor In Law" is the ninth-highest-grossing Pakistani film 
    Movie: Actor in Law (2016)
    Category: Pakistani Movies
    Release Date: 9 September 2016
    Star Cast: Om Puri, Alyy Khan, Lubna Aslam
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
    Language: Urdu
    Description: Fahad Mustafa stars as an up-and-coming lawyer who employs theatrics and over the top one liners in the courtroom. He aspires to become an actor, something which is met with disapproval from his father.
    Duration: 1 Hour 41 Mins
    Quality: pDVD